Magazine Issue 03


We‘ve been using the past months to bring our latest issue together with the help and contributions of a growing group of talented and open-minded individuals across the globe. Looking beyond the things we know already – offering insights, perspectives and a opinions.

The cover story celebrates the life, works, and ideals of Russian painter Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin. We have articles and photojournalism that track from Iran to North Korea, via otherworldly training camps for the space missions of tomorrow, offering new perspectives on geographies, societies and cultures that are rarely – if ever – explored through such distinctive lenses. Our usual considered – not uncritical – approach to the world of streetwear and fashion culminates in an essay by our editor-in-chief on the evolving role of functional clothing offering an in- depth look at the roots of what we have termed, ‘The Modern Outdoor Standard’.

Issue #03 is available now from select international stockists in Canada, Europe, and Asia as well as our own online shop and gallery in Berlin.