Retail Activation Newseum



To establish the GORE-TEX brand within the fashion and lifestyle segment, and to justify the slightly higher price point of the protective garments, Beinghunted. helped plan and execute various retail activations. In Fall of 2018, an event with music and drinks was organized at the Newseum to launch its winter-ready GORE-TEX styles. The store, which belongs to Craemer & Co. and is located in the city center of Nürnberg, is the go-to shopping destination for employees of adidas and Puma, both of which are located in Herzogenaurach.

Concept / Idea

In order to emphasize the virtues of GORE-TEX product technology, Beinghunted. developed an immersive weather concept, which allows for the consumer to virtually experience the weather scenarios a GORE-TEX garment is constructed for. The concept has been implemented in various ways. For the activation at the Newseum, a store which attracts a large amount of young consumers, the immersive weather concept was linked to social media and adapted for a younger target audience. The photo booth was the main attraction of the evening. Attendees were able to try on new GORE-TEX garments and photograph themselves inside one out of three artificial bad weather situations. Through a video projection, which was accompanied with a soundscape and a blast of air, the installation created the illusion of heavy rain, snow or a storm. The photo component allowed the customers to take photos, GIFs and videos inside the installation and sending it directly to their smartphone to share it with their friends.


The event was attended by various high-level managers of the likes of adidas and Puma. On the weekend after the event, the Newseum saw an increase in sales, especially garments with GORE-TEX product technology.