ECCO Leather EL3 – Motion


Material Innovation Platform EL3 by ECCO Leather

Beinghunted. supported ECCO Leather in the ideation of a new platform to showcase the company’s innovations in leather and other natural materials. Over a period of a year, a strategy was devised that would set a new environment for ECCO’s most current and future leather developments. Besides the core strategy, Beinghunted. and ECCO Leather build an evolving narrative around the first collection of ‘technical’ leathers to be released under the “Motion” label.

Beinghunted. challenged three individuals from the technical garment sector – with no prior experience in leather apparel – to each create a set of functional performance outfits. Kseniia Sofianatos (Functional Clothing Lab), Jaimus Tailor (Greater Goods), and Rob Boyd (independent designer) each created three items using the most technical of leathers in the Motion collection.

ECCO Leather EL3 Motion is the first activation in a long-term strategy that will include activations, events, and further explorations in product design and manufacturing.

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