Beinghunted. est. 2001


“We let you know. First…”*

The first post on – as is still visible in our archive – is from October 20th, 2001. But starting the newsfeed with a holiday note would be odd. Also, and this is a clearer hint that there were prior stories, the last post that month states: “As mentioned earlier…”. However, there is no earlier post about Stüssy and Nike…

Since the page was coded in HTML and the “index.html” overwritten with each update, I’m assuming that at one point a version missing the previous posts was uploaded to the server. I remember putting the site together on a Sunday. Since the 20th of October 2001 was a Saturday the actual launch must have been the 14th or 6th. But, either way, Beinghunted. turns 20 in 2021 and we’re super excited and happy about the fact that it’s still around.

For the occasion, I’ve pulled out some of the first drafts for the site that I started working on as early as 1999. The first idea was to call it “hunters&gatherers”. Unfortunately, that name – HUGA – had already been taken by a cool graphic design studio in New York, so over months the shorter “Beinghunted.” evolved by playing around with the terms and associations. “Being hunted” in the form of being chased or a “being” that was “hunted” is how I would explain it. Spelling it as one word was just a means of creating a shorter URL. But also a way to make this name more unique and also easier to visualize.

We’re not lighting fireworks or throwing a huge party this year as we’re just all waking up from our Corona-induced hibernation. There is also no rush, it seems, so spring 2022 will be more of a ‘real’ moment for us to celebrate. Until then, we do have some little things lined up. Stay tuned/stay with us and a huge thanks to everyone who has been supporting over the years and in some cases for the full two decades!

– All the best! Jörg & Team Beinghunted.

*Our bold claim for the first years when Beinghunted. was a (almost daily) newsfeed