In the Slipstream with the GORE-TEX brand

In March 2023, the GORE‑TEX brand embarked on a 3-day bike ride from Seattle to Portland. Joined by two riders who call Washington their home, we put GORE-TEX products, and the technologies that continue to define the brand, to the ultimate test on a 220-mile stretch spanning across state borders, forests, mountains, and lowlands. 

For the project, Beinghunted. developed the concept of a E-Bike ride – that then took place in the Pacific Northwest. Closely working together with locals, Beinghunted. sourced a team that new the area like the back of their hand. 

The route led the GORE-TEX brand from Seattle over Olympia and Centralia to Portland. Taking the products from the cities to the outdoors and back.

As the two riders, Jeein and Brandon, drove the actual stretch of 220 miles (354 km) on the bicycles, the project was a perfect showcase of the different product technologies the GORE-TEX brand offers. No matter the weather condition, the talents were always comfortable due to the products of Gore’s brand partners. 

The ride was captured by photographer Adam Katz-Sinding and videographer Sam Hanson to present an extensive visual reporting of the whole tour. 

Concept: Beinghunted.
Project Direction: Beinghunted.
Strategy: Beinghunted.
Production: The Morris Group
Talents: Jeein Shin, Brandon Scott Herrell 
Photography: Adam Katz-Sinding
Photography Assistance: Nick Leuze 
Videography: Sam Hanson

Client: W.L. Gore
Year: 2023
Place: Pacific Northwest, USA
Services: Concepting, Project Management, Talent Buying, Assets Production, Public Relations