About Beinghunted


2001 - 2013 / THE PAST VS. THE PRESENT

My first website was actually a collection of photos and visuals in a standardized format of 500 x 500 pixels–pre-Instagram…–called “stunt” back in 1994. It was hosted on my university account since it was unaffordable to buy a domain and host the site on a commercial server at that time.

The first ideas for an online diary–the term ‘blog’ did not exist at the time–started materialzing around 1999 when I was working at an online agency doing graphic design and web programming. After just posting photos I decided that I wanted to also start writing about the stuff I found. At the beginning I had thought more in terms of a proper magazine but after tinkering with too many different layout ideas I just sat down one afternoon–almost two years later–and put together the first version of Beinghunted. Quick texts and comments about all the stuff I was into: sneakers, T-shirts, graphics & design, art, exhibitions, shops, etc.

Over the past 10+ years a lot has changed, obviously. However, the philosophy behind Beinghunted is still the same: collecting, curating, archiving and communicating to and with like-minded people. While in recent years I’ve still used the site as a news-feed, for the future I see a different direction. With this new version of Beinghunted I will go back into the archive to dig up some of the stories to re-edit them, to try to catch up with the folks I’ve met over the years and to provide for more in-depth and background information. Instead of listing the ‘newest latest’ I’d rather take a look at what has already been done. There are the Wieden & Kennedy AF1s which appeared first on Beinghunted or the Stash Dunks launched at colette. There is the story of the how my post of the Bathing Ape adidas Superstars caused a bit of a stir at the BAPE HQ in Tokyo and adidas PR agency in Berlin or the “Supreme Kate Moss Tee Thumbnail” incident.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new/old Beinghunted. It might take a little until all is up-and-running but the result should be quite entertaining. I might also activate ‘comments’ for you to share your thoughts and contribute!