Fast & Light Campaign




Founded in 2009 under the division of the outdoor brand ”Arc’teryx’’, Veilance has pioneered as a brand in the functional fashion segment with their sleek and minimal designs. The brand’s philosophy implies that technical design is an expression of purpose. It offers climate controlling solutions in a system of modular layers through minimalist values and relentless attention to detail. For S/S 2019, Veilance introduced Fast & Light – a capsule running collection that consists of styles which feature ultra-lightweight high performing materials and advanced constructions.

Focus: Storytelling

Concept / Idea

To emphasize on the product’s easy wearability, the idea behind the product campaign for this collection drew inspiration from the field of kinetics and movement theories. The products were shot on a moving dancer to show the material of the product in motion.


BEINGHUNTED. supported Veilance in further developing the concept and defining the single aspects around the production – altogether steering the process leading up to during and after the shoot for this product campaign in close alignment with the Veilance team.


The photo and video assets were used globally for the launch of the collection. The story was picked up by digital media outlets such as