Beinghunted. Project
Archive Management, Curation

Juun.J & GORE-TEX Campaign for FW23

40 Years of Fashion with Beinghunted. and Otto Resource

Unpacking Four Decades of Fashion

With the help of the Berlin-based research facility, Otto Resource, 2023 finally became the year where the Beinghunted. the archive was partially digitalized.

Four decades of being deeply embedded in the industry have led Beinghunted. to accumulate an extensive archive of objects representing all the movements that have come to define the aesthetics of fashion since the early 90s. Some of these items tell the story of cultural culmination, while others have served as the blueprint of today’s most celebrated designs.

Teaming up with Otto Resource was a unique chance to showcase a curated selection of archive items, complimented by an editorial rollout that elaborated on some of the themes in focus. Through four editorial deep dives into functional wear, skate wear, club wear, and Beinghunted.’s role in covering those, the readership was offered a unique insight into some of the industry’s defining movements. 

The project launched as part of the new Otto platform and gained attention from global media outlets like Office, Sabukaru, and Sleek Magazine.

Project: Beinghunted. and Otto Resource Year: 2023 Place: Berlin, Germany Services: Archive Management, Curation