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Juun.J & GORE-TEX Campaign for FW23

GORE-TEX Studio: The UK Roadshow

Hitting the UK roads With the GORE-TEX Brand

In the Fall of 2023, Beinghunted. embarked on a trip to produce the third instalment of the GORE-TEX Roadshow. Following trips to Japan and North America, this edition’s focus was the United Kingdom. 

Beinghunted. developed the Roadshow to celebrate the many personal stories that are attached to the GORE-TEX brand. Although it is first and foremost renowned for its product technology and functional assets, the brand has built a strong connection to various subcultural in recent decades. In that process, it has gone from being a fabric manufacturer to a fully-fledged brand in its own right.

The Roadshow was created to tell the story of sub-cultural affinity for the GORE-TEX brand, by visiting some of the brand’s many die-hard fans across the world. Due to its volatile weather, the UK is known for having a dedicated GORE-TEX fan base, and for the roadshow we visit 18 of the staunchest brand supports.

Participants curated their own most beloved GORE-TEX items. They underlined that while function is a priority, the affinity for the GORE-TEX brand runs deeper than merely staying dry.

Client: W.L. Gore Year: 2023 Place: London, England Services: Concept Development, Campaign Production