Beinghunted. Project
Campaign Production, Concept

Juun.J & GORE-TEX Campaign for FW23

Juun.J & GORE-TEX Campaign for FW23

Exploring Internal Ethos Through External Form

Seoul-based brand Juun.J launched its FW23 GORE-TEX capsule collection with a special campaign produced by Beinghunted.

Beinghunted. was asked to develop a concept and create the assets for the campaign leading up to the launch of their latest capsule.

Inspired by Juun.J’s unconventional approach to silhouettes, one that does not limit itself to the restricted nature of classic forms, Beinghunted. created a visual universe that externalized Juun.J’s internal design philosophy. The campaign was created around one of the city’s most intriguing futurist buildings, and framed to highlight the intangible form of the surroundings.

The campaign visually placed itself between the GORE-TEX Brand and Juun.J, offering a new aesthetic take that merged the two brands’ visual universes. One where functionality departs from the rigidity of functional form, without compromising on its utilitarian intent.

Client: W.L. Gore Year: 2023 Place: Berlin, Germany Services: Concept, Campaign Production