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On Cloudaway Travel Agency

On Cloudaway Travel Agency Berlin

Travel Local.

In 2021, in an effort to alleviate travel restrictions and to celebrate the release of the new Cloudaway silhouette, Swiss performance brand On installed a temporary “cultural” travel agency in Berlin.

Beinghunted. was brought in to develop a concept that remained relevant and approachable despite the pandemic, resulting in the travel agency. Besides showcasing the actual shoes, the Cloudaway Travel Agency offered unique activities in Berlin, such as gallery visits, cultural excursions, and fine dining experiences. Just like in a regular travel agency, ‘customers’ could book on-site but free of charge.

For the programming, On had assembled contributors from a wide range of fields who shared their local Berlin highlights and insider tips, including Tsellot Melesse, Jorge Alvarado, Manuel Goller, Trippin, and Kane Holz. 

The concept and storytelling created unique brand moment for On, and served as a moment of escapism for the Berlin community stuck into pandemic restrictions. Following the Berlin launch, On adapted the concept for an activation in Los Angeles. 

Client: On AG Year: 2021 Place: Berlin, Germany Services: Creative Direction, Event Production