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Tilak x Beinghunted. 20th Anniversary Jacket

Tilak Beinghunted. 20 Raptor MiG GORE-TEX PRO HOME

A Modern functional Varsity – Crew – Team Jacket

For our 20-year anniversary, we are honored to receive our own team jacket, a special colorway of the Raptor MiG by Czech functional outerwear innovators Tilak featuring GORE- TEX’s latest and most advanced technical fabrics.

Outerwear has always been a point of fixation for Jörg and Beinghunted. dating back to the legendary Stüssy Tribe jackets and custom Carhartt coats (late 1980s – early 1990s) as well as the more contemporary ACRONYM® creations from Errolson Hugh’s namesake. The group mentality – belonging to a crew, sharing similar interests – and culture formed around the aforementioned was the motivation behind the Tilak Beinghunted. 20 Raptor MiG GTX PRO jacket. To foster a similar sentiment, to reflect the modern mindset among its wearers bound by progression and innovation lies at the core of this commemorative piece.

After countless hours spent discussing the idea of developing a modern-day outerwear classic – some of these conversations can actually be traced back to meetings with Errolson Hugh around 2003/2004 – the abstract idea finally became reality in 2021. A small window of opportunity opened up and we alongside Tilak and Gore seized upon it.

Having forged a relationship with both companies over many years, we leant on both party’s technical know-how and material expertise to bring the 20 Raptor MiG to fruition. Gore signed off on the project and provided access to some of the rarer colors of its PRO fabric to be used for these jackets. Roman Kamler and Jan Hauška at Tilak took time to tweak the design and left open a spot in their otherwise hyper-busy manufacturing schedule for this minuscule production run.

The model is one of Tilak’s flagship silhouettes from their Military Gear range. Beinghunted.’s 20th- anniversary version has been made using the most advanced 3-layer material to date: GORE-TEX PRO. The color blocking was not just an aesthetic choice, but also a functional decision: the slightly stronger dark olive fabric for areas with more abrasion (eg. backpack straps), the lighter fabric to offer more flexibility. YKK velcro fastenings, buttons, and water resistant Aquaguard® zippers round off the jacket. The hi-vis orange button cap serves as an additional signifier and highlight. Finally, a commemorative print can be found on the lining that thanks all of the team and partners who brought this garment to life.

Born out of an idea for an online news website, conceived by Jörg in Munich, Germany, in 1999, it wasn’t until 2001 that Beinghunted. was conceived as a daily feed covering apparel, footwear, design and exhibitions. Now, in 2021, after having wandered different paths throughout its lifetime, Beinghunted. is focused on its endeavours as a multi-disciplinary strategic consultancy. Beinghunted. has taken an active role in promoting functional apparel – first in retail, now as agency – for almost as long as it exists.

Tilak and Gore are the two main driving forces behind the development of this unique, celebratory jacket. Both have been instrumental in escorting this project to light. Without their support, it would not have been possible. Due to the very low production run, the Tilak Beinghunted. 20th Anniversary jacket is not planned to be released commercially. It will be gifted to some of Beinghunted.’s friends who have been accompanying the site, the agency, the brand for the past two decades and longer.

The jacket is only a material manifestation but the shared ‘Beinghunted.’ mindset exists beyond this product and lives in everyone who has been part of the journey. A big thanks to everyone who was involved in bringing this project to life!

Brand: Tilak Photos: Adam Katz Snding Year: 2021