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Tilak Beinghunted. 20 Raptor MiG GORE-TEX PRO

For our 20-year anniversary, we are honored to receive our own team jacket, a special colorway of the Raptor MiG by Czech functional outerwear innovators Tilak featuring GORE- TEX’s latest and most advanced technical fabrics.

Outerwear has always been a point of fixation for Jörg and Beinghunted. dating back to the legendary Stüssy Tribe jackets and custom Carhartt coats (late 1980s – early 1990s) as well as the more contemporary ACRONYM® creations from Errolson Hugh’s namesake. The group mentality – belonging to a crew, sharing similar interests – and culture formed around the aforementioned was the motivation behind the Tilak Beinghunted. 20 Raptor MiG GTX PRO jacket. To foster a similar sentiment, to reflect the modern mindset among its wearers bound by progression and innovation lies at the core of this commemorative piece.

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A Beinghunted Project.